November 11, 2011

Henry, Ramsey unfazed

Often there are concerns regarding a junior commitment class, citing the length of time between giving their verbal and signing on the dotted line as an obtrusive unknown. When these commits venture to other programs to see big games, fan bases hold their collective breath in hopes their star has not been flipped.

The matchup the media dubbed "The Game of the Century" that took place in Tuscaloosa last weekend was one of those kinds of games. Two of Georgia's top junior commits were in attendance to watch LSU defeat Bama in over-time, however neither Yulee (Fla.) running back Derrick Henry nor Camden Country quarterback Brice Ramsey were fazed by attempts to be swayed from their Dawg night commitments.

"Yeah, there was a lot of people there trying to get me to change, but I don't know. That's not going to happen," Ramsey said. "That was my first time out there and I don't really know anything about the school."

Henry said he was prepared to fight fire with fire.

"Yeah, I do. Oh, I do, I try to recruit. I couldn't really at Alabama because some of the players were trying to recruit me," Henry said. "I didn't want to say anything about Georgia because I don't want no problems with that, but I'd be on Facebook recruiting and stuff like that. I recruit Laremy (Tunsil), Uriah (LeMay), I talk to him too. And I'm still working on Reuben (Foster). I think the only thing is he is thinking about Alabama, getting to the NFL, I think that's his only thing, but I'm still working on him."

Foster, an Alabama commit and top UGA target, was working hard on the two Dawgs. Ramsey said they were able to offer back a little friendly competition.

"I told him we'll keep the offensive players at Georgia and we'll see him at the SEC Championship," Ramsey said.

This Saturday is another marquee SEC weekend for recruiting, this time to be held in Athens as the Bulldogs face the Auburn Tigers with SEC championship thoughts on their mind.

Henry said there has been a buzz about thegame, even when they were in Alabama, and he can sense the excitement.

"Everyone is excited about it. Tramel (Terry) is coming up, Brice was talking about it at the Alabama game, and we've all been texting about it all day, about the Georgia-Auburn game," Henry said." I think everybody was talking about Richt being in the hot seat, but he's not no more, and they control their own destiny now."

Ramsey echoed those sentiments, and went on to explain what the game means for the Bulldogs on a variety of levels.

"I think definitely Georgia can prove a lot of things by winning the game and going to the SEC Championship and what not, so especially with a lot of recruits there," Ramsey said. "I am expecting a win definitely because then that will put them in contention for an SEC Championship game. So I'm hoping they come out on top."

Henry will be travelling with fellow commit and good friend John Theus to see, what he said, is his first game in Sanford Stadium.

"I just want to see the atmosphere, see the crowd and see what it is like on game day because I have been there to see the school, and Dawg night, but I'm just ready to see a game and see what it's like," Henry said. "They just have to beat Auburn and the sky is the limit. I think they will face LSU in the SEC championship, and if everything goes well, I think they have a chance to beat them. I think Georgia just has a lot of weapons, and their defense is playing well, so the sky is the limit for them. It's sweet."

And now, with the tables turned, and top prospects in Georgia's court, perhaps these Georgia commits will have a little more leverage to persuade the host of talent attending the game.

While both say they always will do what they can, ultimately they concede that the bottom line for any real prospective recruit will be if the Dawgs can win and get to the SEC Championship game.

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