October 6, 2009

Lots of Young Talent in Guthrie

GUTHRIE, Okla. - Maybe Kentrell Brothers was a year early.

In today's recruiting world a player's junior season is usually the deciding factor on what type of level of interest he'll get as he moves forward with his recruitment. Brothers, the 6-foot-1, 205-pound linebacker was among the state leaders in sacks and tackles for loss as just a sophomore.

However, as in most things there is nothing wrong with being early and Brothers hasn't fallen off as a junior.

He showed off his continuing emergence against Ardmore last Friday night during a 28-6 Guthrie victory. Brothers quickly made his presence known to a talented Ardmore offense by collecting a pair of sacks, a forced fumble, and even aided the Guthrie offense with a touchdown catch in the final minute of the first half.

Through the game Brothers starred as a receiver and a stand-up outside linebacker whose chief role was getting up the field and putting pressure on Ardmore senior quarterback Reed Downing.

Also showing real potential for the Blue Jays were Brothers' workout partner Devonte McCully and 2012 offensive tackle Blake Belcher.

McCully is a long and lean receiver that bears a real physical resemblance to former Sooner receiver Eric Huggins. He didn't do much against the Tigers but has a nice frame and seems to have the type of athleticism that could lead to some division one attention moving forward.

While Belcher is still a long ways from being a finished product he shows real promise as Guthrie's left tackle for the next three years. If he can continue to learn the position and work on his overall flexion and ability to move his feet he can become a well-thought of guy in the promising sophomore class in Oklahoma.

For the Tigers plenty of talent passed the eyeball test, none more so than junior tight end/defensive end Cody Nail who showed up at an impressive 6-foot-5, 240-pounds. While Nail didn't do much in Ardmore's passing game he did prove to be a very effective blocker and defensively had the look of a strongside defensive end. Potentially he could slide in and play defensiv tackle.

As of right now Nail shows some ability but looks the part as much as anything else.

Two players who did show real potential through their play were junior running back Andra Brown and senior cornerback/wide receiver Reuben Tiller.

Brown had trouble finding any room to run but when he did showed nice burst and some open field wiggle. Physically he is reminiscent of current Oklahoma State Cowboy star Kendall Hunter. It's unclear if he has that type of physical running style in his arsenal but there is plenty of natural talent to work from.

On the other hand Tiller had a chance to show off a lot of his skills with a few pass deflections and even a few catches that were among the few bright spots for a sputtering Ardmore offense.


Blake Belcher: Belcher shows a lot of promise and is starting to put on the necessary weight to become the offensive line prospect he has the talent to become. It's hard to breakdown such a young player but there is clearly natural ability there.

Kentrell Brothers: Brothers has a great first step but it's fairly clear in sizing him up that he won't be able to play defensive end in the college game. He still is able to move well enough to play outside linebacker and you can see a natural feel for the game with the way he plays. He is physical at the point of attack and seems to continually find his way into the backfield.

Andra Brown: Though it's unclear what type of top end speed Brown has there is no denying that he has quick feet and some solid open field moves. Another thing that raises an interesting question is just what type of runner he is, with almost zero running room it's hard to figure what Brown will do when he does get a little breathing room.

Devonte McCully: McCully is as much style as substance based on what was displayed on Friday night. However it's hard to deny the raw athletic gifts that he possesses. Definitely a guy to keep an eye on as he gets more and more experience.

Cody Nail: Read the first sentence of McCully's breakdown and you'll find a similar theme with Nail. In defense of the big tight end it's hard to make plays through the air when a team throws on average of about 10 times a game. Nail is a solid blocker and has a chance to be someone moving forward.

Reuben Tiller: Tiller is an ultra-athletic player who has the natural skills of a man corner in the future. He is still raw and often gets caught out of position of Safety for the Tigers. However his talent allows him to make up the difference more often than not. Once he improves himself as a player Tiller may be a real steal from the 2010 class.

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