MMQB: Rebs take care of early kickoff

If you're a Southeastern Conference team on the road you want to play that 11:21 a.m. game every time.
It can really take the crowd out of it and even things up. Fans don't have a chance to get liquored up. There's little emotion at the start of the game, and teams feed off emotion.
It took some big plays on Saturday for Ole Miss' crowd to get into it, and football is so much about emotion and energy. You want to go and play early on the road.
But it worked out for our guys. They went out and took care of business without their best performance. They played a down team and made enough plays and can move on with the win. They fought, withstood a momentum shift and took care of it. That's a great thing to see.
Afterward, it gave Ole Miss the great part of an 11:21 game -- going to the Grove and celebrating it with the fans. Those are special days to get the early win and go let fans pat you on the back. That was good for the guys on Saturday.
I mentioned winning without our best game, and that's a big deal. It means a lot because it shows how good this team can be. Arkansas isn't playing well, but it's an SEC team and an SEC win. Alabama does that some where they go out and don't play well and win by 30. We're not winning by that much, but it was sort of similar. Ole Miss showed up and made enough plays.
The six wins are nice, but I don't think it's a monkey off the back or anything because everybody expected them to be bowl eligible this season. It's all about bettering the bowl situation. Looking at the games left we're trying to get to Florida or Dallas. There are bigger bowl games possible, and the guys are looking for wins and better bowl gifts. It's time to move up the ladder.
Bo Wallace had the huge day with 400 yards passing, and he's gaining more confidence each game. That win over LSU was a big boost in confidence. And those receivers provide so many options. First time since 2003 we've had two receivers with more than 100 yards in a game, and that group is special.
I love Corey Peterson and Grant Heard to death, but this corps we have now I'd take any day if I'm the quarterback. You can throw the ball to anybody. Give me some of these guys right now, and I'm in heaven. I put something on Twitter about these guys being better and tagged Grant in it, but he never responded. He'll probably respond now.
It's all fun. Donte Moncrief made those guys miss and took it all the way. Grant was great, but I don't remember those plays in his arsenal.