MMQB: Senior night extra special this season

It was one of those games where coming in as the heavy favorite you just have to execute and take care of business, and the guys did exactly what they were supposed to do.
Sure, there are some things to clean up, but it was impressive. They broke the school record for total yards through three quarters and got playing time for some of the players down the depth chart. It was a good day and a great time to be clicking well with these two games remaining.
I made the comment Saturday that Bo Wallace's arm is stronger than a couple weeks ago or last year. The throw he made to Vincent Sanders and a couple other ones, he did have the velocity necessary for those in recent weeks. The coaching staff has done a great job getting him in situations to be successful, and he's finding the right reads.
It's also a great combination now that Barry Brunetti is throwing the ball better. He started off slow, but the defenses have to respect the arm. It's not automatic anymore that he's running.
Saturday is going to be a special moment for a lot of guys. As a senior you want to go out on a high note in your last home game, and this is an opportunity against a top 10 team on senior night. There are so many memories there. You'll have that for the rest of your life.
My senior night was against State in 2000, and I still get chills when I think about it. The top moment for me was the night before. We went through highlights for all the seniors, and the music in the background was "In the tonight," by Phil Collins. Something about that song and that moment in that room, and we knew State had no chance.
The one play from the game was the throwback from Deuce, and I think every player has that moment or that play they remember from the last one.
It can't be all celebration though, can't just show up and win. It's going to take an A game. We're likely to get a better Missouri because James Franklin is back. As fans, we owe it to them to get there early and be there for the Walk of Champions. Give these guys as much energy as possible.
Then when this one is over you have to immediately turn focus to Mississippi State. It's a huge 10 days.
Last thing, I'm really happy for David Cutcliffe and what he's been able to do at Duke. I'm surprised at the success this season. I never thought they'd be 8-2 after beating Miami. I sent Derek Jones a text yesterday. Everybody is happy for Cutcliffe. Things didn't work out in the end in Oxford, but I'm glad he's in a happier place.