football Subscribers Board User Rules

Welcome: Subscribers have
access to three message boards - The Grove, Recruiting Board
and The Square. These boards can be accessed either from the drop down
menu on the homepage or on the drop down menu on any of the boards. The other
boards - Colonel's Quarters, Ticket Exchange, and Non-Sports
Board are open boards available to all registered users.
Don't hesitate to contribute to
the boards. Posting a message is simple - just click post new message. You can
preview your message before it becomes live on the board, and if you see a
mistake after it's posted, you can edit your own post.
• No profanity and no comments
related to sex or race are permitted.
• The site publishers reserve to
right to delete any post that it deems inflammatory, or that causes inflammatory
• Moderators may be notified of
offensive posts by clicking on the "Moderators" link which is located on the
right side of the navigation bar just under the "Post new message" button.
Notifying the site publishers of a possible offensive post does not guarantee
that the message will or will not be deleted and even if found offensive, there
is no timeline that can be guaranteed when it comes to deleting messages.
Messages are posted are reviewed as practical - but not full time - by the board
• Users are generally permitted to
post a signature photo (not more than two small photos or one larger one) as
long as it is in good taste, is sized where it doesn't skew the message board
page and loads quickly. Sexually explicit or other photos that are deemed
offensive to other subscribers are not permitted.
• Users are also asked not to use
this site for personal uses such as advertising or linking to commercial sites
without first obtaining permission from the publisher (this does not include
links to news articles or stories). Users are permitted to link to other message
boards on a periodic basis. However, repeated links to other sites that amount
to advertising those sites is not permissible. In addition, any linked site must
be deemed to be in good taste as well as contain information that may be of
interest or beneficial to other users.
• In accordance with Yahoo
copyright policy, all material posted on the site is copyrighted and can only be
re-posted on other sites as described in the copyright policy. Linking of
messages or articles from this site is permissible with the exception of premium
content or to material contained on the subscriber's board.
• Message board posts from another
site's publisher are considered copyrighted material and will not be posted on
message boards. You may, however, summarize what the message says, but please
give credit from where it came. Messages from users on other sites are not
considered copyrighted.