RGTV: Bjork talks Elston suspension

Ole Miss athletics director Ross Bjork discusses the Southeastern Conference's decision to suspend Rebel freshman safety Trae Elston one game for his hit on UTEP wide receiver Jordan Leslie last Saturday.
Additional Bjork quotes -
"The appeals process, as far as an in-game suspension, there's not anything that can be done from that standpoint. The decision is final. Our focus is moving this team forward. I talked to Trae this morning, and we both smiled at the end of it and gave each other a handshake and looked each other in the eye and said to move on. He said 'yes, sir.'" His attitude about this has been encouraging. WE have to turn the page and focus on Texas.
"(Elston's) demeanor was great, chest up, chin up, smiling, had his Ole Miss gear on. Considering the circumstances, he was great about it. Our job is to support him, and I think we've done that with him privately, now publicly with you and with our team."
(TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT IT WASN'T FLAGGED?) "We discussed that, but every play gets reviewed. When there's a play like this, it goes to conference office, and they have every right to review every play, and that's what happened."