RebelGrove - The Mailbag, pres. by Whitney McNutt/Tommy Morgan Inc Realtors, Edition 102
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The Mailbag, pres. by Whitney McNutt/Tommy Morgan Inc Realtors, Edition 102

It's time for The Mailbag, presented by Whitney McNutt of Tommy Morgan Inc. Realtors, Edition 102.

I asked for your questions. You delivered. So here we go...

From larryjoe1979: What is a weird movie theory you have? For example, there is a theory that John Wick is actually Neo in the Matrix and Sandy from Grease is actually dead(in the song Danny said he saved her, she nearly drowned, but in reality he did not save her, and the whole movie is her death bed moments before going to heaven)

I like this one:

What if the burglars, Harry and Marv (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern), are not the real villains of the 1990 Christmas classic, after all? And the real bad guy orchestrating the crime is actually Kevin's Uncle Frank?

The explanation goes that cheapskate Frank plotted everything from Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) getting sent to the attic and missing the ride to the airport, to cutting the electricity and knocking out the alarm clocks, to arranging for the bumbling burglars to murder Kevin!

Why would he do this, you may wonder? Primarily to cash in on his brother's wealth by having him robbed. But when Frank learns that Kevin has been left at home, the theory goes - and a quick screen grab apparently hints- that Frank called Harry and Marv and instructed them to do away with Kevin because he knew too much.

Bonus criminal Home Alone fan theory: Kevin's dad, Peter (played by the late John Heard), is actually in the Mafia, which would explain the family's mysterious immense wealth and some of the characters' strange, bullying behaviour.

From Levi275: Jeffrey has talked frequently about his doubts regarding Trevor Lawrence being a generational player. Where do you stand on Lawrence?

Jeffrey is likely a better quarterback evaluator than I, but I think Lawrence will be a star in the NFL. He's so smart, he's a remarkable leader and he has such a feel for the game. Does he have an elite NFL arm? I really don't know, but I can tell you the NFL people I know believe he's absolutely a franchise quarterback.

From nas5108: What are your thoughts on the pumped in crowd noise in empty stadiums?

For whatever reason, I really don't notice it. So I can't say it bothers me. I am so used to watching games with the noise muted while I work or podcast or in a quiet, sterile press box that I don't know that the noise, one way or the other, is a factor in my viewing experience.

From nas5108: What has been the thing you have been most proud of in your journalism career?

Most proud of? I really don't know. I broke some stories, did some solid investigative reporting, etc. I think I'm pretty good on coaching searches, and I've won more on those than I've lost.

But I think, if I'm honest, I'm most proud of what I've done here. I was at a really low place in the spring of 2008. I had lost my radio gig. I was leaving Mobile, where I had a newspaper columnist job, to take a job with Rivals. I don't think I was particularly healthy, physically or mentally. So many colleagues questioned my sanity. They told me I was throwing my career away in a panic. If I'm honest, I agreed with them.

Twelve-plus years later, I guess I'm pretty proud of what I've built. It's certainly not the career I dreamed of, but I've made a better living than I ever dreamed I would, and I've learned a lot about myself in the process.

From BroWallace: You’ve covered the SEC for years. What’s your way too early impression of Kiffin as a coach and program manager?Also, who is Spencer?

I haven't seen him coach, really, but his reputation as a play-caller and offensive mind is unquestioned. As a program manager, I admire his ability to be himself and his willingness to hire strong people, delegate and let them do their jobs.

Spencer is a nice young man in Louisiana. Hopefully, he calls back into Hand Raise Guys this fall.

From MarvMerchants: Hey, Mr. Scott, whatcha gonna do?! Whatcha gonna do? Make our dreams come true!Most cringeworthy tv scene of all time?

I'd rather see chalkboards scratched. It's painful. But that's why that show was so very good. The character building was just incredible.

From DSU_Reb_12: Is the Peloton Bike real noisy and have you looked into the Mirror Home Gym?

No, mine is pretty quiet. I just let Leanne or Alex or whoever yell at me (depends on mood) and roll. And no, the very last thing I want to do, ever, is look at a mirror.

From Patrick C Timony: Who left their former program in worse shape when they left: Hugh Freeze or Jimbo Fisher?

That's a good question, but I'd have to say Freeze. Fisher wrecked FSU; there's no doubt about that, but Freeze had effectively stopped recruiting on one side of the ball and left Ole Miss wracked by NCAA sanctions.

From DeuceMccluster22: To piggyback on my question from last week about Rocky possibly forcing himself on Adrian, take this deleted scene from A League of Their Own.... first, thank goodness it was deleted bc its awful and would ruin the whole relationship the two of them had in a great movie. granted, he did force himself on her in this instance, but is it me but did she seem to want it/ enjoy it even for a brief second? And had Dottie told the league manager what just happen in that era w Duggan being a baseball icon, would he retained his job or been fired for assault to the leagues best player?

Oh, wow, that's a total game-changer. That would have ruined that movie. But yes, to answer your question, for about two seconds there, she wanted that bunt single to turn into a home run.

From DeuceMccluster22: Should ole miss embrace the whole mess up of the Johnny Sins thing? Like letting him lead a Hotty toddy Chant before a game?​


Will it? I sort of doubt it.

But yes, Ole Miss should absolutely lean into the Johnny Sins thing and have some fun with it.

From $WithARebelYell$: How many players can Ole Miss take in this recruiting class?

Ole Miss can sign 25 to new NLIs. Kiffin hasn't specified how many spots Ole Miss could use to back-count, but I'm making an educated guess of 6-8.

From North Tampa Rebel: What would Lane trade with the football gods in exchange for Arch going to LSU? Playoff appearance? SEC championship?

Look, if Kiffin has Ole Miss in the SEC title game or in the playoffs, no one will really care who he does or doesn't sign. But let's get real here. The timing is such that his recruitment of Manning -- fairly or not -- will likely be viewed as a litmus test of sorts.

From harrington77: Do you know if the SEC has secured the rapid daily testing? If not why?

I don't know that answer. I'm sure it's something that's being worked on, but I can't say I know that answer. I'll ask around and get back to you.

From AL Reb: You've said you can't see Lane being here for more than 4 years.Say LK has OM rolling with back to back top 15 recruiting classes, including one Arch Manning. How does he leave with a potential NFL quarterback, when we all know winning starts at QB?

I don't know. Look, if he lands Manning and he's got the program rolling in four years, that'd be a good problem for Ole Miss to have. There are only a handful of programs that would make sense to leave for, if we're being honest, and to land one of those, he likely has to win pretty big at Ole Miss. It's too early to even think about that stuff. I was just answering a hypothetical with an opinion.

From RebelAccy95: If you had to guess the team composition of the Big 10 conference in 2022, who would you include? If the entire structure of that conference blew up, where would Michigan and Ohio State land? I apologize for the questions being open ended but it would seem there would be lots of possibilities.

I suspect they'll hold it together, but there are a lot of hurt feelings in that league right now. If it did blow up, let's not kid ourselves. Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Penn State, Iowa, Indiana and maybe a couple of others could name their conference homes. For example, I don't think the SEC would just sit and watch if programs such as Nebraska and Indiana -- and maybe even Maryland -- were suddenly on the market.

From Kylethehoss: What type of grill is the best? Gas or Charcoal?

Better? Charcoal, especially natural lump charcoal. However, I have both grills, and the ease and efficiency of a gas grill is tough to beat, especially if you're in anything resembling a hurry.

From Swag4Heisman: Follow up from last week:Did you listen to the Ron Paul link I sent you?Do you agree that supporting the erosion of human rights in March and April begets July, August, September, October, and November (and we’ll see what else)?

I haven't had a chance to listen to anything, really. It's been a very busy week as we're working to get things ready for the season while also doing the day-to-day stuff. I have watched a lot of Ecamm videos and shopped for cameras.

As for your other question, yes, I agree with that. I just think it's a little more complicated than that, but I find myself agreeing with that side of the argument more and more daily.

From MoReb32: Ranch or Blue Cheese on boneless wings?

Neither. The only sauce I even consider is the buffalo sauce. If you made me choose one, I'd likely choose blue cheese. Both are fine, but I could never have either one for the rest of my life and be fine with it.

From austintice: Does Chad Kelly ever get another shot? Seems the Colts like him enough to keep him around but no one is giving him a real chance

Maybe. He's got arm talent for sure, but he simply has to prove he's trustworthy. If he gets his chance, he better not screw up.

From walsworth94: Have you considered inviting Johnny Sins onto the podcast to talk about his reaction to the mistake/prank?

That's a fantastic idea. While I'd find that podcast funny, I would worry a bit about some of the backlash it might get from those who have -- how to say this? -- a more conservative sense of humor. I have no idea how to contact him, but I'll give it a shot.

From 901rebels: What office characters are the worst? Ranked. I go 1. Charles miner 2. Ryan 3. Angela and wildcard, Pam.

1. Ryan was a horrible person.

2. Kelly was pretty bad too. They deserved each other.

3. Charles Miner

4. Angela (She was good at her core; she just had so many issues)

5. Pam (I know what you mean, but in the end, you wanted to see her happy)

From 901rebels: Also, most underrated office characters ranked? I go 1. Kevin 2. Darryl 3. Creed 4. Phyllis

1. Darryl (maybe my favorite character on the show)

2. Phyllis (the story behind that casting is fascinating)

3. Kevin

4. Creed

From OrangeBeachReb: What will basketball coverage look like in light of the new way you’re covering football on the Pod?

Maybe COVID-19 is all but gone by then, but I can tell you I bought the new computer and upgraded a lot of our stuff expecting to cover basketball more virtually, if you will. I suspect I'll incorporate a lot more post-game shows/analysis than I've done in the past. In this business, you either adapt and grow or you die.

From 5PointsRebel: How different would America be if European settlers would’ve first settled on the West Coast rather than the East Coast?

Oh, that's good. The weather brutalized the first wave of European settlers, if you're willing to accept the Jamestown/Plymouth version of history. I'm guessing there would have been more initial success and the settlers would have eventually been more spread out geographically in the West. That's a great question.

You sent me down a wormhole of sorts. This site is really fascinating.

From TheLotIsHot: Does AJ Brown hate Ole Miss?

I doubt it, but you'd have to ask A.J.

From coachnuke: If the service academies have strict physical requirements to be commissioned, and they are playing, why wouldn`t conferences inquire about their covid findings? and do you think it is kinda fun that teams are scheduling games if they get a opening, like Baylor and Houston did?

I'm going to guess that the service academies don't get all that political. They just prepare young people for service. You're right; a lot of leagues and schools (and governors and health officials) should take a page from Army, Navy and Air Force football.

And yes, watching schedules come together so quickly is cool. I wish it could happen more often.

From RebCJ: If Ole Miss sees Reese cleared in addition to Leonard, how does that changed the outlook of this defense? Is it enough to sway W/L predictions or just much needed depth?

Well, several people around the program say Reese is potentially Ole Miss' best defensive player, so yes, I'd guess his addition would. be significant. Is it enough to sway the win/loss record? That's just impossible for me to really answer. I don't know. I would think Ole Miss would love to find out.