RebelGrove - The Mailbag, pres. by Whitney McNutt/Tommy Morgan Inc Realtors: Edition 188
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The Mailbag, pres. by Whitney McNutt/Tommy Morgan Inc Realtors: Edition 188

It's time for The Mailbag, presented by Whitney McNutt of Tommy Morgan Inc. Realtors, Edition 188.

I asked for your questions. You delivered. So here we go...

From North Tampa Rebel: If you had to guess, what will be the event that changes the direction of NIL? A player busting, boosters running programs, etc?

I'm not sure it changes. I think it's possible, if not probable, this is the world we're living in now. Boosters are going to get more involved, which means there will be more evaluation mistakes. There are going to be more upset boosters when they're guys don't play, and relationships with coaches are going to get more strained and leashes are going to get shorter. However, the genie is out of the bottle and she's enjoying her freedom. Good luck squeezing her back in.

Speaking of, Barbara Eden had quite the fastball back in the day. Just saying.

From North Tampa Rebel: If the Saudi's wanted to sponsor the OE Podcast, what's your number? From podcasting or radio, do you have story of having to turn down a sponsor due to moral concerns?

Everybody has a price. That Saudi money would spend, I'm guessing. I don't know what my number is, necessarily, but I'm motivated by money and have no problem admitting that.

I never sold radio advertising, so I can't speak to that. I have had one possible advertiser that I just didn't pursue because I worried a bit about offending listeners as well as liability, but I'd rather not get into specifics.

From cctrey5: I’ve seen where Jaxson Dart has been getting a lot of love from Vegas in this year’s Heisman odds, which I guess is due in large part to them being aware of Kiffin’s ability as a QB coach. With that being said, Buy or Sell: If there is an Ole Miss player who is legitimately in the Heisman conversation this season, it’s Zach Evans and not Dart (just to be clear, none of this is meant to be a dig at Dart)

Buy. I could see Evans having a monster season if he's able to stay healthy. As for Dart, even if he wins the job, people forget how young and still inexperienced he is. I just don't see a world where he's a Heisman candidate this year.

From SigReb: How real is the talk about baseball going to 25 scholarships?

It's real and it's eventually going to happen, but I can't see it being in place for next season. It's already June 22, and the wheels just don't turn fast enough, in my opinion, to put that in place by August when the fall semester begins.

From OrangeBeachReb: You can pick any two active coaches for a steak dinner (with plenty of wine and bourbon) to shoot the breeze and for laughs and stories. Assuming they would speak freely. Hoops: I’d pick Andy Kennedy and Bruce Pearl. I think they’d be a riot. Football: Lane and Saban. Just to observe that whole dynamic. You?

Isn't it funny? I can think of a ton of basketball coaches that would be fun to hang with, but I start drawing blanks in football. Sure, AK and Pearl would be fun, so I'll go there with hoops. In football, I've heard Mark Stoops is fun at parties, and he'd likely have his share of stories. Shane Beamer seems like a good guy as well. Or I could go Saban and Jimbo Fisher and just antagonize all night.

From Big_Reb1: Baseball: Where do the managers wash the teams uniforms on the road after each game?

I assume they have access to washing machines at the stadium. I'd be shocked if they didn't. It's also quite possible they're granted access to the hotel laundry facilities (the ones used by the staff).

From dmanning9251: Is the 700-1000 views of the postgame podcast a nice summertime bump in revenue? What was your expectations going in?

Not really. We've had a hard time really monetizing YouTube. We do OK, but people are so used to the podcast that we've struggled to get people to consume material in video form the way we would need to do to really turn it into a profit stream. Obviously, we have sold some advertising for the CWS run, but the trip to Omaha is expensive. Hopefully, we've built some goodwill, if nothing else.

From hamslam12: At what point in the 2016 playoff run did you really believe that the Cubs could do it?

After decades of pain, I was pessimistic to the end. But there were moments of hope. The comeback in Game 4 of the NLDS in San Francisco made me think it was actually possible.

Miguel Montero's home run in Game 1 of the NLCS was absolutely thrilling, but I was a nervous wreck until the final out of Game 6.

Addison Russell's grand slam in Game 6 started a 24-hour avalanche of nerves, and to answer your question, I didn't fully believe until Bryant's throw hit Rizzo's glove.

Thank you for giving me an excuse to watch all of that again. It was exhilarating then and still make my heart beat a little faster now.

From ThePunter87: Why does Hunter Elliot wear sleeves?

I would assume he likes the way the sleeves feel. Or it's a superstition. I don't know. Pitchers are odd. Left-handed pitchers are even more odd.

From celinareb: I notice during the Jacob Gonzales ABs this year that teams will likely shift against him, but every team’s shift is not the same. Would this be like in basketball how different teams approach being in zone?

Precisely. Different teams embrace analytics more than others. Some use them as a tool. Some use them as an absolute guide.

From Frasier Crane: In regard to the discussion about resting in Hoover and teams having no incentive to try to win, why not move the tournament to either the beginning of the season, in a warm weather location, or to the beginning of the conference season and leave it in Hoover, hoping the weather in Hoover in mid-March is decent? Earlier in the year, teams wouldn’t need to rest their pitching to prepare for regionals and everyone could play to win, presumably making for a better event.

I would argue that you're overthinking it. I like it the way it is. It's fun. It's for the fans. It makes good TV. It just doesn't matter that much, and that's ok. I mean, Mississippi State got run-ruled twice last year and won the national title. Ole Miss and Arkansas were a combined 0-3 this year and one of them will play for the national title this weekend.

From RebRow: 1) would you want to trade Zion if you were a pels fan 2) favorite mlb stadium other than cubs3) how do I self motivate myself to not be fat

1. Hell no. That guy has the potential to be a superstar. Those guys are hard to acquire.

2. PNC Park in Pittsburgh

3. I've battled it my whole life. I don't know. I've found that my mental health is directly correlated to my weight, and so I realize my sanity and self-confidence and general happiness simply can't be tied to food. I try not to make food the enemy but I really try not to build my day around it either. Here's what I can tell you, though: If you'll burn more than you consume, you'll enjoy taking agency over food. You'll enjoy feeling better. You'll likely start to like the way you look better, etc.

I motivate myself by reminding myself I want to watch my kids build their lives. I want to be able to meet their kids and be there for them and not be a burden to them. Not being fat is a big step in that direction.

From larryjoe1979: Hypothetically let us say you becoming super super rich and you can replace one body part with a robot part that is better than your human part. What part are you replacing?

It's your brain, right? If you can be smarter, wouldn't you want that? I guess it could be your heart, as that would give you a chance to live longer and be stronger and all of that. However, if I have too many more pool days like last weekend, it might need to be my liver.

From Grovin1551: Will we win the national title in baseball this season?

I hope so for your sake and your husband's sake. I know how much people like you would enjoy it. As I type this on Wednesday at 2:53 PM, I like your chances. You're about to be one of three teams with a chance. I think Ole Miss will beat Arkansas today or Thursday, but it's not impossible to paint a scenario where the Razorbacks win. And Oklahoma looks fantastic and is going to be rested. I asked the Football Gods. They refused comment.

From Kylethehoss: Without knowing the outcome, would you pick Eli or Arch as qb at ole miss based on their talent at 17 years old?

Eli Manning was really, really good at football. I don't remember what he looked like at 17, though. I've watched Arch some and it's hard to tell how good he is. People I respect tell he's a future star. Of course, so was Eli. But it's impossible to answer your question, really, as I never saw Eli as a junior in high school.