MMQB: Effort was all-out on Saturday

I saw the guys come out and bring the effort we were talking about we didn't necessarily see all the way around against Auburn.
From a competition standpoint Saturday was really impressive against Texas A&M. We had guys going down with injuries throughout the game, especially defensively, and the next ones came in. We fought with what we had and gave 100 percent effort to our university and our program. It was a proud night for that reason.
Unfortunately, Texas A&M had No. 2, and he pulled out a victory for them.
Johnny Manziel, man, I always knew he could run around. That's what you see on television when you watch him, but being in that stadium I had no idea he's that accurate with his arm and being a complete quarterback. It was something to watch. I wasn't a Johnny Football guy, but now I'm a believer. If I'm an NFL general manager he can run my offense.
With our quarterbacks I thought they mixed it in fairly well. Bo Wallace had the slow point in the game, and Barry Brunetti moved the ball as well as I've seen him while staying within his skill set. Hopefully he's OK and won't be out any. You could tell his play lifted the energy in the stadium when it was needed. So many examples Saturday of being the man and doing your job when your time is called.
The drops from the wide receivers are a rough thing. You know those guys can do it and have the talent so it needs to be worked past, and the quarterbacks can't lose confidence him them to make the plays. That's so much of what football is: Putting the ball around playmakers so they can make plays for you. Vince Sanders is starting to look 100 percent and play well. Bo and Barry need to keep the trust and give them a chance to make you look better. That's a quarterback's job.
Now it's on to LSU, and obviously the receivers and quarterback stand out, however the Tigers are a team that will still try to pound you with the running game and athletic defense. They are really making plays right now. It's a big game, a rivalry game. I know there's excitement, so hopefully the players feed off the energy again and take the fight to them.
This game isn't the best time because of injuries, but there's not an easy SEC game, and you can't spread them all out, but this stretch has been a killer.
I remember playing LSU, and when that band plays the fight song it still gives me chills. With LSU on the other side and its fight song going you're ready to go. My freshman year I can remember their band on the sideline before the game, and we had players get into it with their band. I can't wait to be there and see what happens.