Monday Morning Quarterback with Romaro Miller

This morning I was sitting around thinking about the game, and maybe it was Bear Bryant that said you can only get a team up four or five times per year. I think some of that is what happened with us Saturday.
Georgia was the better team, no doubt, but we had been full blast in several games leading up to this one, including the past two where it was really emotional. First, we beat Auburn to get rid of that streak and then win an SEC road game. It gives you confidence, but it probably also zaps you a little bit.
Depth was an issue coming in, and then physically and mentally, we were beat up a little bit. Georgia showed why they are a top-five team in the country and about to win the East. The Bulldogs are incredibly talented and balanced.
Even though we were up 10-0 early, you never had the feel we were in control of the game. It was playing off some early emotion, but it didn't feel like we could sustain it. We're just not at that point yet, and especially after the past couple weeks and with the injuries. With fans, that's the last thing we want to hear, but in SEC football it happens. Alabama could absorb it, but we're not at that point physically.
As a player, you just want to throw the film away, and I get the need to move on, but there's a lot to be learned from that film. You throw it away after you soak it in. There are coachable moments all through that film that will make us better. Correct it, and then chunk it. We had busted coverages that gave up 14 points. You can learn from that. Down the road, you get in the same situation, and you'll remember it. You'll fix it and be mentally sharper.
But I don't want to discount Georgia here. They have a great team. John Jenkins in the middle at 350 pounds, that's a man's man over our center, and we couldn't get any movement. It's tough when you can't get anything going in the running game. Like Coach Freeze said, it they are in cover two with two safeties high and you still can't run it, it's going to be a long day.
I'm not down at all or disappointed in our program. We're farther along that any of us though we would be. I was at a house party Saturday with a Georgia fan, and when we went up 10-0 I told him we're not even supposed to be here. Georgia is No. 6, so I'm just going to enjoy it. We're OK, still a lot to look forward to.
We'll be ready to welcome them back to Vaught-Hemingway Stadium Saturday. It's time to get bowl eligible, and I know they'll lay it on the line. James Franklin is doing a great job, but I hope he has a slip up in Oxford. I know we'll come out and be ready to mash them.