Rebels Snead gearing up for 2009 season

A regional television network took him fishing, a ploy to try to get to know him more during a rare lull in the life of a college quarterback.
Newspapers and magazines routinely request interviews with him, asking everything from the mundane season-preview questions to random off-the-wall stuff designed to show his more care-free side.
Jevan Snead just takes it all in stride. He might be the starting quarterback for one of college football's most interesting stories, but Snead isn't one to take himself very seriously.
"It really hasn't been too busy or anything like that," Snead said. "I did do that fishing show and it was fun, even though I didn't catch as many fish as I had hoped. It's good to get a little bit of attention, I guess, and get the spotlight on our program a little bit and get our name out there, but personally, I'm not one to go out and look for anything like that."
Truthfully, Snead doesn't seem to understand what all the fuss is about. Media types want to talk about his transfer from Texas to Ole Miss following his true freshman season in Austin. They want to talk about the pressure on Snead following his first season of eligibility in Oxford, one in which he led the Rebels to a 9-4 season and a win over Texas Tech in the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic.
And they want to talk about his immediate future, one that could include an early entry into the 2010 NFL draft. Snead, who will be a redshirt junior, has been projected anywhere from the top overall pick in next April's draft to a second-round selection. He insists he's not spending much time thinking about the will-he-or-won't-he speculation.
"You hear stuff like that," Snead said. "I try not to put too much into it. It's hard not to think about it a little bit, I guess, but right now, I'm just trying to focus on getting ready for the season."
Speaking of, Snead said he's methodically getting ready for one of the most anticipated seasons in Ole Miss history. He's lifting weights and running some, trying to build his arm up slowly "rather than jump into it right off the bat."
Snead said Ole Miss offensive coordinator Kent Austin has put Snead on a program this summer, one that he'll complete before he begins throwing in seven-on-seven sessions later in the summer.
Snead is also trying to enjoy the last bit of slow time he'll have before what promises to be some of the most hectic weeks of his life.
"I enjoy some down time, definitely," Snead said. "I'm still in the grind with workouts and everything. I get some time in the afternoons. I try to play a little golf here and there. I'm awful, by the way. It's nice to get away a little bit, but I'm definitely looking forward to starting up two-a-days and starting up the season. I'm not counting the days yet, but when it gets a little bit closer, I will be."