As we now move to the other side of the football, Ole Miss has a lot of work to do in order to add quality and impact depth to its front seven.

And it all starts up front on the defensive line.

The 2019 Mississippi class had a ton of pieces that would have been nice for Ole Miss to have right about now, but the previous staff was unable to get it done. Fast forward a cycle and Lane Kiffin and his still incomplete staff were able to sign an impact defensive end in Demon Clowney and quality depth candidates in Cedric Johnson and Desanto Rollins.

But as you know, more is more in the Southeastern Conference, especially in the trenches. This 2021 class is crucial for Deke Adams and DJ Durkin's defense when trying to exorcise the past demons at the interior lineman position.

Can they do it? Let's take a look at who they are pursuing.