Monday Morning QB with Romaro Miller

I was like everybody else after the game: Upset and disappointed.
It was a major example of having holes in the roster and the huge need to continue to recruit. That's not all it was by any means, but I think that part hit home a little harder after that one than it has in most games.
Before the game I told my friends if we go to Starkville thinking we could win just show up we would be in for trouble. It's a different place over there. You can't explain it until you play in it once. They hate us. You have to show up every time and every play. They deserved it. We didn't do what it takes to win down there. We didn't play our game.
There was the hope at halftime that the block maybe woke the team up, but we didn't wake up. Bo Wallace had a tough game, and I know how he feels right now. It's so hard to struggle as a quarterback down there. I threw the pick that lost the game in 1999. You just have to hang in there and be ready next time.
I think we had Mississippi State on the ropes before this one, and we definitely let them off the ropes. It's become such a series about holding serve and with the way we're accumulating talent over them I think winning that game it would have been over, but now we gave them another life and we're going to have to deal with that. It's why the coaches get paid well, to go out and recruit and show that we are Ole Miss and are going to win ballgames.
As for how to handle the rivalry, it's hard because if you poll Ole Miss fans, close to half will say LSU is the rival, and the others will say MSU. At State it's all Ole Miss. It makes for a different game, and it's one we have to handle. We have to be the superior team from a talent standpoint and just go play our game and take care of it.
Coming into the season I said seven wins would be good, but on the backend looking at it once we beat Texas, I think we were in for bigger things. We just have to continue to recruit, nothing against the guys we have now at some spots, they've given great effort, but we have to play better.
With the bowl game, you want to go out a winner. Hopefully they do whatever it takes and end it on a winning note. It's not a huge deal with the overall scope of the program, but if you're out there, winning doesn't hurt.